Reed sparkles in ‘An Evening’



Posted: Friday, August 7, 2015 2:00 pm

By Abrea Armstrong Special Correspondent

“An Evening with Vivian Reed” is an intimate glance into the entertainer’s inner thoughts.

The veteran Broadway star sang a variety of tunes, interjecting dialogue between them. She and her four-member band’s pure devotion to each song was evident. Reed dazzled with her physicality and vocal dynamism.

The lighting set the mood, as it changed during her rendition of “Fever.” During a high kick, she joked about how she could once kick twice as high. The audience ate it up.

The crowd was racially diverse and mature, maintaining its enthusiasm throughout the performance. Most of the credit belonged to Reed’s mesmerizing voice. She sings with such ease it almost makes you believe that you can do it. She quickly established a connection with the crowd and she could hold the moment, even in the tensest of silences. She glowed.

With the lights low, she told the story of her mother’s death and followed by “God Bless the Child.” The piece clearly resonated with the crowd, who applauded her as she sang under the spotlight.

At one point, she asked to have the house lights brought up so she could “see these beautiful people.” Reed began to work the crowd, coming down, touching a few.

The intimacy of “An Evening with Vivian Reed” was omnipresent. From the call-and-response with the audience to her magnificent musicians, all was done with an elegance that few can emulate.